SWF to FLA Converter Mac

Extract all resources from SWF into FLA file on your Mac

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This page is about SWF Decompiler for Mac

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Client: Dezmond

"With Flash Decompiler for Mac I can edit my Flash projects any time I need having only the SWF movie."

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SWF Decompiler Mac

Convert SWF files back into FLA or Flex project with high quality

Flash Decompiler Trillix offers unique algorithms to extract all Flash objects from SWF file and store them in its source format, which can be edited in native Flash or Flex environment.

Every group of objects such as morphs, shapes, texts, fonts, sounds, scripts, etc. can be placed in separate FLA library groups, which makes using and viewing the resulting source file much easier.

With Flash Decompiler for Mac OS you can extract any object (images, sounds, video, shapes, text, morphs, scripts, etc) used in SWF files into various formats. Easy navigation and preview options for SWF files and their elements are included.

Flash Decompiler fully supports AS 3.0 and is compatible with all Flash versions including CS6 and CC (with TLF texts).

Mac SWF to FLA Converter

Flash Decompiler solves many problems:

Restore source code of the SWF you need to modify

Sometimes it happens that source FLA file or Flex project was lost or corrupted. In this case SWF to FLA converter is an essential help tool.

There is no need to rewrite the source code of SWF file from the very beginning, Flash Decompiler Trillix completely converts SWF files into FLA or into Flex source project, depending on their origin of course. After that you can make those basic changes you planned to without exhausting restoring of your work.

Decompile Flash files

Improve your Flash animation skills

If you are still learning Flash and want to impress your audience with amazing and trimming animation effects, you may not know how to build those in Flash yet. With SWF to FLA Converter it is easy to learn! Just convert the SWF with effects you really like into FLA or Flex source project and check the code of the effects you want to build.

SWF to FLA Decompiler for Mac OS X

Extract any objects used in SWF file into various file formats for further editing

Flash Decompiler Trillix allows extracting images, sounds, videos, shapes, morphs, fonts, texts, buttons, sprites, frames and scripts into corresponding file formats. In a couple of clicks video can be extracted into AVI, MPEG1 or FLV, scripts can be extracted into TXT file as well as into AS files, etc.

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