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Eltima Software is a proud partner of Adobe. We are glad to provide the support for Adobe Flash platform in our solutions.
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Client: Adalberto Delgado

"Flash Decompiler for Mac is a great teaching tool. Students can actually see what great designers have used to create their clients Flash movies - from action scripts to graphic design and animation concepts. "

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Cocoa Framework

Playback Flash inside of your application

If you're an experienced Mac software developer, you might have heard of Cocoa - the collection of frameworks, APIs, and accompanying runtimes used for creating native Mac OS X applications.

Flash'In'App is a Cocoa framework developed by Eltima Software for enabling any Mac OS X application to manage the playback of Adobe® Flash movies. And you don't have to write a single line of code in order to embed the Flash Player Component into your application! Flash'In'App provides a set of classes that can be used by your application for playing back SWF files, managing the playback, communicating with SWF files via External API, FSCommands or Variables, controlling the loading of external resources, and so on. In other words, Flash'In'App classes enable your application to interact with the Flash Player plugin and with SWF files.

Moreover, Flash'in'App offers RealVideo support and experimental Silverlight support.

Please note that any applications developed using Flash'In'App will require Mac OS X 10.4 (or higher) and Flash Player 8 (or higher), and also that transparency will work correctly on Intel-based Macs only (a limitation of the Adobe technology, not of our framework).

playback flash movie

Flash'In'App is your choice if you want to do the following:

Enable your application to support various types of media

The embedding of Flash'In'App Cocoa framework into your application enriches its functionality by enabling it to handle all types of media supported by the Flash technology, including music, video, and images. You even don't have to waste your time on routine coding as Flash'In'App does the job for you.


Manage Flash movie playback directly from your application

Your application gains the ability to play back virtually any Flash movie, banner, tutorial, etc., while the user can easily rewind, fast-forward or stop the playback.

flash cocoa activex

Take an intelligent decision on buying the most
appropriate solution for your needs

The demo version of Flash'In'App has only one limitation: a nag screen is shown each time a SWF file is opened. Otherwise, it's a fully functional framework, so you can check out its features and capabilities before taking the purchasing decision.

Full features list:

  • Playback any Flash movie inside of your application (a banner, a tutorial, anything)
  • Completely re-design your application using the latest possibilities of Flash, make it stand out and match your exquisite design & user-interactivity requirements without the need to develop custom controls, etc
  • Develop and deploy eye-catching high quality interactive interfaces with minimum effort in Flash
  • Distribute Flash-enabled desktop widgets, Flash games as compiled applications
  • Create custom-shaped applications (Intel-based Macs only)
  • Easily support various media types in your applications
  • Run your Windows Flash-enabled applications' GUI on Mac
  • Supports RealVideo files playback
  • Experimental SilverLight support
  • Possibility to manage sound volume (turn on, turn off) in any file supported (Flash, Silverlight, RealVideo)
  • Detailed documentation
  • You can learn more about Flash'In'App usage - we provide you with free examples for applications written in Cocoa, Carbon, Python and Ruby.

Interface languages:


Demo version limitations:

  • Nag screen when loading a SWF file

Compatible with:

  • Mac OS X 10.4
  • Mac OS X 10.5
  • Mac OS X 10.6
  • macOS 10.7
  • macOS 10.8

Source Code License

for Flash'In'App

Ordering Source Code license for Flash'In'App you receive all extensively commented programming source code in Objective C, including all the instructions and documentation needed to compile the sources. Flash'In'App Source Code license is a one-time purchase and there's no need to renew it annually. You will receive a compilable Flash'In'App X-code project and the source code for two examples on how to workthat demonstrate all the functionality and features of with the framework.

Flash'In'App may be used by an unlimited number of developers within your company on an unlimited number of computers for an unlimited number of projects developed by you.

We provide technical and information support by email, IMs and phone (as part of our Premium Support Package), and high-end consulting services. Our leading developers will help you implement source codes and understand the advanced part of the product.

Supported IDEs

You will be able to use Flash'In'App in the X-code IDE.

Also available for corporate clients:

Company License [with OEM rights]

for Flash'In'App

Company OEM License grants you the right to install and utilize Flash'In'App on unlimited number of computers by all workers of your company worldwide. It is the ideal solution if your company has representation offices in the different parts of the world. OEM rights grant you the ability for unlimited redistribution of Flash'In'App as an integral part of your software. OEM license is royalty-free one-time purchase.

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Download Flash'in'App
Download Flash'In'App, a Cocoa framework for managing Adobe® Flash movies in any application on Mac OS.
Download Flash'in'App Examples
Click this link if you would like to download two examples that demonstrate all the functionality and features of Flash'In'App framework.
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