Universal Media Player for Mac:
Elmedia Player

The Elmedia media player is a free media player used for Mac. It has high versatility and you can play any file format on this app, including the MP4, MP3, FLAC, AVI, MKV, Blu-ray, MOV, FLV, and a lot more. The Elmedia Player provides you a very fine HD quality playback that has no slowdowns or pauses. The issues of sound synchronization can get resolved by Elmedia because they provide an option for adjusting the delay in the audio which is played. Also, you can avail yourself of free downloads for this video player for Mac.
 Mac Media Player

Here are some important features of the Elmedia video Player Mac:

Advancement in the functionality of playlists, including options for search, manage, create, etc.;

Easy audio playback;

In-built controls for volume;

Adjustable speed of playback;

Loop option for complete videos and chosen intervals;

Supports external audio track such as automatic batch opening and loading options.

Easy video playback;

Full-screen mode with an option of output monitoring;

Bookmark option.

What are the steps to use this media player on Mac?

For using this Mac video player, you need to follow the following steps:
1 Open Media Files on Mac

Step 1: Choose the installer

You can find a .dmg file on the website of Elmedia. You can also choose the option of Appstore.
2 Open Media Files on Mac

Step 2: Start the file that you want to be played

The Elmedia adds all files to the library before they are finally played. There are three common ways:

  • First, drag and drop
  • Right-click ,select the open with
  • Make a manual selection in the file browser.
3 Play Media Files on Mac

Step 3: Start enjoying your movie