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Elmedia Player

Play all Flash video files on your Mac

  • Latest build5.0.381
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  • File size32.58Mb
Elmedia Player is an excellent SWF and FLV player for Mac OS X. Apart from SWF and FLV, the player supports a lot of other formats – popular and rare ones. With Elmedia Player you can browse media websites and watch online videos directly from the application, thanks to a built-in web-browser. Use Open URL option to watch online videos without obtrusive advertising.

Elmedia Player has a paid version known as PRO. It allows you to download animations and videos, including those streamed over RTMP. With Elmedia PRO you can take a still shot from a video and convert an entire animation into a series of frames. It also helps you convert executable Flash Projector files into SWF format.
Elmedia Player offers
  • Multiple formats support
    Elmedia Mac media player (оставляем такой ключевик) is an excellent tool for watching animations and videos on your Mac. The app supports almost all known formats, including FLV, SWF, XAP (Silverlight), RM and RV (Real), AVI, MOV, MP4, DAT. With Elmedia Player you can playback pretty much any video or animation you find online.
  • Exclusive playback controls
    Apart from basic options to control the playback, such as Play, Pause, Stop, etc. Elmedia Player gives you exclusive controls – you can watch video full-screen, keep the player window in front of other open apps using Float on Top option, edit subtitles and much more.
  • Playlists support
    Elmedia Player allows you to compile playlists – add video files locally from your computer, enter URLs to online videos. Run your playlists sequentially, randomly or put them on repeat and enjoy watching your favorites whenever you feel like.
  • Built-in web-browser
    Elmedia Player has a web-browser integrated into the application, it enables you to browse web and watch online media without leaving the app. Open URL option allows you watching videos online without annoying ads, all you need is a direct URL link to the video.
Extra benefits of Elmedia Player PRO for Mac
  • PRO Download YouTube videos
    PRO version of Elmedia Player can be your YouTube downloader for Mac. Select a video to download, specify a required quality and downloading begins. You can choose to extract only audio files in MP3, M4A, WEBM formats.
  • PRO Download media files
    PRO version enables you to save animations, videos, including RTMP videos, and movies on your hard disk. Enter a URL, select a video to download, and the app will take care of the rest.
  • PRO Convert Flash Projectors to SWF
    PRO can convert Projector EXE files into SWF format in just a few clicks. You can rename original files if necessary.
  • PRO Grab a freeze-frame from a video
    Would like to capture your favorite moments in the movie? With PRO you can make a still frame from the video or convert an entire movie into a series of pictures.
Free vs PRO
Options FREE PRO
Download online media files
Save YouTube videos on your hard disk
Download SWF animations with external resources they use
Grab a freeze-frame from a video
Turn a movie into a series of pictures
Extract audio from YouTube videos
Save Projector EXE files in SWF format
Watch any animation or video on your Mac, formats supported include FLV, SWF, XAP, AVI, MOV, etc.
Watch online videos directly from the app
Enjoy full-screen watching experience
Elmedia Player
  • RequiresOS X 10.5
  • Version5.0 (8th Oct, 2014)
  • Reviews(213)
  • Total downloads45 000+
  • DeveloperEltima Software
  • 2013.09.16 Mike Breed
    Elmedia Player is easy to use and takes much of the guesswork out of playing back videos of just about any format you can imagine.
  • 2014.02.02 Ben Markton
    Elmedia Player for Mac is a comprehensive solution for playing all kinds of videos and other media files on your Mac without having to convert them.
  • 2014.03.18 Javier
    Plays all my video files swimmingly. Downloading streaming videos is pleasant bonus of the PRO version.
  • 2014.08.01 Terry Conord
    It's a media player for Mac, which boasts a huge range of codecs. All of the features of this program are easily accessible through the app's streamlined interface.